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Prescribers FAQ

What are your areas of compounding? 

We are an ever growing pharmacy, at this time we are able to compound any non sterile compounded cream, gel, or liquid product as well as troches, rapid dissolving tablets, suppositories, capsules, Popsicles and lollipops.  

Why should I recommend your pharmacy to our patients? 

We're a small independent pharmacy, and we strive to work with each doctors office and patient on an individual level.  We try to offer all of our medications to the public at affordable prices to make sure patients are getting what they need and are as compliant as possible with their medications. We want to help you and your patients and practice heal and grow while building a lasting partnership that can benefit the community. 

What insurance do you accept?

We are contracted with BCBS, Express Scirpts, OptumRx and many other small insurance companies.  We are working on getting contracted with CVS Caremark which is what BCBS Federal patients are insured with.  We are also looking to have MedImpact during the summer of 2019. 


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